Polymer Flooring

ChemShield 1737

ChemShield 1737 is a thick-film, internally reinforced 100% solids Glass Flake Filled, AHC High Functionality Phenolic Novolac based internal lining designed for chemical storage tanks in chemical plants, and any … [Read More]

Tank Linings & Coatings

ChemShield 1743

ChemShield 1743 is a thick-film, 100% solids reinforced, proprietary formulated phenolic-based internal lining designed for corrosion control and abrasion resistance in chemical plants, and any other areas requiring … [Read More...]

Aquatic Environment Linings

HybriShield 2401

HybriShield 2401 is a High Solids, two component, clear, gloss, Liquid Polycarbonate, hybrid polymer. It can be applied over an epoxy primer/basecoat or used to recoat an existing epoxy or urethane floor. Adding … [Read More...]