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HybriShield 2401

HybriShield 2401 is a High Solids, two component, clear, gloss, Liquid Polycarbonate, hybrid polymer. It can be applied over an epoxy primer/basecoat or used to recoat an existing epoxy or urethane floor. Adding WearResist 105 additive will give a satin finish, increase the coefficient of friction (slip resistance), and increase abrasion resistance further. Adding SpheriTex…
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BondTite 1503

BondTite 1503 Primer is a unique three-component, Water-Reducible epoxy Primer and Bond Enhancer. This is accomplished by superior penetration and adhesion to the concrete slab. The coating’s uses include the priming of floors, manholes, sumps, and other concrete areas. BondTite 1503 has also has shown the ability to reduced moisture transmission in concrete slabs. Although,…
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Aquatic Environments

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Polymer Flooring Products for DIY or Residential Use

Every day we take dozens of calls from Home Owners, General Contractors, and Do-It-Yourself customers looking for garage flooring solutions to improve the value of their homes and properties with our Polymer Coatings Systems. We don’t sell to this market but we are happy to refer you to who sells to the DIY and…
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BondTite 1101

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BondTite 1101 is a 100% solids, Low Modulus, two-component, AHC (Advanced Hybrid Cycloaliphatic) epoxy primer which exhibits excellent adhesion and sealing properties on steel or concrete. The coating’s uses include priming of concrete floors, manholes, sumps, and other areas in preparation for over-coating. BondTite 1101 can also be used as a clear sealer,…
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