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EnduraTred 1194

EnduraTred 1194 is a high texture 100% solids, AHC (Advanced Hybrid Cycloaliphatic) amine-cured self leveling epoxy floor coating which exhibits excellent resistance to organic solvents, caustic environments, and dilute acidic exposures while also displaying outstanding mechanical properties, such as adhesion and abrasion resistance. EnduraTred 1194 Epoxy Floor Coatings are designed for concrete service such as…
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Polymer Flooring Products for DIY or Residential Use

Every day we take dozens of calls from Home Owners, General Contractors, and Do-It-Yourself customers looking for garage flooring solutions to improve the value of their homes and properties with our Polymer Coatings Systems. We don’t sell to this market but we are happy to refer you to who sells to the DIY and…
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EnduraTred 1191

EnduraTred 1191 is a thick-film, 100% solids, proprietary formulated epoxy-based rubberized compound designed to protect surfaces from heavy impact. EnduraTread 1191 may also be used on floors in areas where protection is needed for employees standing for long periods of time. EnduraTread 1191 is trowel-applied from 125-2000 mils DFT depending on the level of protection…
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