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OilEater 939

OilEater 939 is an environmentally friendly, general purpose, microbial degreaser. The microbes in OilEater 939 are specifically cultivated to consume (when in contact) aromatic hydrocarbons, paraffin, and grease, as well as gasoline, motor oil, diesel fuel, and other common oil based contaminants, leaving a surface free of (oil based) contaminants and hazardous residue. Do not…
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Polymer Flooring Products for DIY or Residential Use

Every day we take dozens of calls from Home Owners, General Contractors, and Do-It-Yourself customers looking for garage flooring solutions to improve the value of their homes and properties with our Polymer Coatings Systems. We don’t sell to this market but we are happy to refer you to who sells to the DIY and…
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