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OrganiClean 938

OrganiClean 938 Industrial cleaner/degreaser is an high alkaline, low foam liquid, caustic cleaner. OrganiClean 938 is designed to clean and remove contaminates from food processing areas and floors. General Brochure Product Datasheet MSDS     Architectural Specs Concentrated: Use full strength for tough jobs or dilute for easier jobs Economical: Can be diluted with water…
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OrganiClean 935

OrganiClean 935 Industrial cleaner/degreaser is a concentrated multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser that has been designed to tackle difficult cleaning jobs.  Formulated using a dynamic blend of surfactants, wetting agents, and natural citrus and soy solvents, OrganiClean 935 will quickly remove oil and grease that other cleaners cannot touch. It is designed to safely trap and change the…
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OrganiClean 934

OrganiClean 934 Industrial cleaner/degreaser is an organic cleaner made from the natural solvents that occur in citrus fruits. It will dissolve many types of grease, oils, proteins, and residues that other cleaners won’t budge. OrganiClean 934 is also effective at removing many types of rubber tire marks, graffiti, adhesives, and other troubling sticky messes. It…
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OrganiClean 931

OrganiClean 931 is a non-petroleum, solvent-based cleaner, to be used on painted and unpainted surfaces. It is designed for use as for large structures or difficult-to-reach ar¬eas, where the increased contact time may be substituted for scrubbing. A dilution of up to nine-to-one with water has been found to be effective for light duty cleaning…
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Polymer Flooring Products for DIY or Residential Use

Every day we take dozens of calls from Home Owners, General Contractors, and Do-It-Yourself customers looking for garage flooring solutions to improve the value of their homes and properties with our Polymer Coatings Systems. We don’t sell to this market but we are happy to refer you to who sells to the DIY and…
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