ChemShield 1812

ChemShield 1812

ChemShield Polymer Flooring Resins for Composites 0

ChemShield 1812 was renamed to ChemShield 1712. Please see ChemShield 1712 (

General Product Brochure (GPB)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Part A
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Part B
Architectural Specification


See Application Instructions for complete information on surface preparation, equipment, environmental conditions, application procedures, and safety precautions. For conditions outside the specifications or limitations described, contact Wolverine Coatings Corporation for details.


Coating performance is directly related to the quality and degree of surface preparation. Prior to overcoating, all surfaces must be clean, dry, undamaged, and free of all contaminants. For more specific information, consult the surface preparation section contained in the Application instructions.


Read the Material Safety Data sheet carefully before use. Safety precautions in the MSDS should be carefully followed during storage, handling and use. Improper use and handling can be hazardous to health and cause fire or explosion.

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