About Us (What We Do)

Wolverine Coatings Corporation is a formulator and manufacturer of technologically advanced Tank Linings, Pipe Linings, Secondary Containment Linings, Polymer Flooring, Adhesives, Specialty Coatings, Resins for Composites, and Dispersions. But, we are so much more than that. We offer our customers “big company” capabilities with “small company” old- fashioned service. Whatever your need: an off the shelf product or a custom design formulation, we offer solutions!

Essentially, we are a solutions company, bringing unique resin technologies and innovative techniques to resolve worries in industrial environments such as heavy manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and a whole host of other environments.

Our brands are second to none in performance compared to the typical products on the market. But our offering goes so much further than producing the top shelf materials we sell. We also:

Private Label Services. This is somewhat similar to toll manufacturing, where some portion of the manufacturing process is contracted, but private labeling is more of a turn-key solution. We formulate a product, provide the materials, equipment, and know-how to produce materials from raw to labelled packages. A high quality product ships from our dock with your label on it.

Provide Custom Formulation. This is the part that makes us smile. It’s the magic. It’s like building a machine to perform a specific task, but on a molecular level. Mechanical solutions are cool, but chemical solutions are more mystical; more illusive, unless you understand the ‘mechanics’ of polymer chemistry. We have the people with the minds to create solutions to your problems.

Provide Lab Services. Because of who we are and what we do, we have state-of-the-art lab equipment and the people who know how to use it. We provide independent testing services and failure analysis on a limited basis.

Toll Manufacturing. If you don’t know what toll manufacturing is, it’s quite common in the resinous materials and chemical industry. Companies with limited or no production capabilities will contract some of their production to a company that does. The company will provide their formulation and may even ship raw materials to us for processing. Our quality control and expertise is known in the market. Wolverine Coatings Corporation is a strong toll manufacturer for you. We’ll make it any way you want and package it any way you want. We have the necessary equipment and personnel to manufacture your products fast!

Just a Sample of Our Capabilities Include

  • Oil/Solvent Based Pigment Dispersions
  • Water Based Pigment Dispersions
  • Compounds that need nitrogen blanketing
  • Inks
  • Dyes
  • Coatings
  • Adhesives

Packaging Options

Wolverine Coatings Corporation can package 4oz. all the way to Totes or more. Depending on your storage and delivery needs, and the size of your project, we are ready and capable of accommodating.

About Us - Wolverine Coatings Corporation: Coatings Manufacturer, Spartanburg, SC