Our Mission (Why We Do It)

Our Mission

Our mission at Wolverine Coatings Corporation is to produce technologically advanced coating solutions of a superior quality that will offer a competitive advantage to our customers.

We care for individuals by providing a positive work environment for our employees, serving our customers, valuing our suppliers, creating lasting friendships, and conserving the environment.

Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God by bringing men and women, if they choose, into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to encourage spiritual growth in those who have already chosen to follow Christ.

We know this isn’t a popular platform these days, but we sell to lots of people who don’t believe the things that we do. Not everyone that works here does either. We can’t force anyone. In fact, our belief is that a person must choose to follow Christ. We won’t try to ram our philosophy down your throat, but don’t be surprised if someone prays before a meal or asks you how they can pray for you. In fact, if you want prayer, please ask! If you want to know more about why we believe what we do, our President (Eric Swanson) would be happy to speak to you.

If you are still reading this, make sure that you continue on and look at Our Ministries.
Our Mission - Wolverine Coatings Corporation: Coatings Manufacturer, Spartanburg, SC