What is the Wolverine Coatings Guarantee?

    • Wolverine Coatings Corporation is a different kind of company making a different kind of product.  In most cases our coatings solutions will increase the life expectancy by double, triple and even 10x that of our competitors depending on your specific application.

How environmentally safe is Wolverine Coatings products?

    • We engineer our coatings to provide maximum longevity for the money.  Long life cycles contribute to a healthier environment.  In addition, almost all of our coatings are zero VOC, and do not contain hazardous air pollutants.

Are you really the best value in the industry?  Can you prove it?

    • Yes.  We are the best value in the industry for the money.  Our products consistently test high for wear resistance as measured by a Taber Abrasor study. The reason is because we figured out how to chemically fuse ceramic into the matrix of the coating.

Do you offer moisture protection?

    • Yes, we have products that offer protection from moisture and even a moisture mitigating primer.  There is the moisture dropping onto the coating, and coming up from the coating.  Count on our products to offer protection from both above and beneath your concrete.

Do your coatings solutions produce odors or fumes?

    • Our products are considered low odor, and we would like to say they are NO ODOR, but there’s always that fun customer who swears they smell SOMETHING.  At most, the average person will smell a faint hint of plastic smell.  There are no fumes associated with our products unless they are being atomized in a spray application.

Can staff work safely around the environment during installation?

    • Many installations occur while a plant or facility is still running!  Since there are no hazardous air pollutants and low to no odor workers may not  even notice the process happening nearby them.

Do you offer slip resistance in your epoxy flooring and coatings solutions?

    • Yes.  We have many different types of slip resistant coatings and even without adding aggregate our coatings meet anti-slip requirements for ADA (American’s With Disabilities Act), as measured in a coefficient of friction test.  We even offer slip resistance and anti-slip for the most extreme conditions.

How well does epoxy bond to my existing floor?

    • When your existing concrete floor is properly prepared, our coatings can’t disband from the concrete, unless the concrete breaks underneath it.  Most epoxy coatings in the industry simply form a physical bond with the concrete.  What this means is that when your concrete is prepared this liquid resin fills the pores and hardens.  Once this hardening happens, it makes it difficult for the epoxy to pop off the concrete … but not impossible.   Our primers also form a physical bond, but in addition they form a chemical bond with the concrete thus becoming part of the concrete.  Since the bond strength of a chemical bond is roughly 10x that of a physical bond, the bond of the epoxy to the concrete is actually more than the cohesive strength of the concrete itself.  It’s awesome.

Tell me about chemical protection and other contaminates containment and protection?

    • Because we make chemical storage tank linings, we can formulate a product to resist the chemicals in your environment, if we don’t already have a product that exists.  We not only make products for the primary containment of chemicals, but also offer protections in secondary containment situations.

How does temperature affect your coatings solutions?

    • – In regards to application – we have products formulated for both low temperature cure, ambient temperatures, or even elevated temperature application.  We can formulate any coating to meet your exact requirements for application.
      – In regards to operation conditions of a cured coating – we have many products that have an excellent resistance to thermal shock.  We even offer coatings to operate in high or low temperature environments.

What’s the best solution for high traffic areas?

    • Our TrowelEase line of resurfacing materials far exceed even the strongest concrete formulations in existence.  We even offer specialty solutions under the  TitanTrowel  trade name that fuse silicone titanium into a ceramic matrix.  This is one of the toughest things on the planet.

What is the life expectancy of my new floor?

    • Plenty of our application solutions can last decades, with cost being the determining factor for how much longer you want to extend the life of your facility or substrate.  With our materials you will pay 10% more than the cheap-stuff but Wolverine Coatings will last a LOT longer, in many cases double, triple or 10x as long.  The coatings system has to be engineered from the start, so don’t hesitate to get us involved with you from the inception of your project.  Don’t settle for a pre-engineered solution and hope it matches your specifications.  Contact us to ensure you get the BEST POSSIBLE solution, and it doesn’t cost extra to have us consult with you.  We have a vested interest in your project success.

Can I have patterns, stamp designs or logos in my floor?

    • Sure.  We have products that your qualified contractor can use to do those types of applications.

Will I be able to change the tint or color of any epoxy or acrylic flooring solution?

    • We offer custom colors based on minimum volumes.  Don’t expect a custom color if you own a  home garage floor.  For larger projects including commercial and industrial you can pretty much have whatever you want.

How long will my flooring installation take to cure, dry, and be ready for use?

    • On average almost all our products are quick cure.   Instead of waiting 7-10 Days, you are only waiting 6-48 Hours.  Of course this all depends on the exact situation and specifications.

FAQ - Wolverine Coatings Corporation: Coatings Manufacturer, Spartanburg, SC