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BondTite 1501

BondTite 1501 Primer is a unique three-component, Water-Reducible epoxy Primer. It can be applied to properly designed green concrete well within the typical 28 day curing period. When applied to concrete within 12 hours of the pour, it eliminates the need to shotblast and allows coating of the concrete the next day with a properly…
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AntiCor 1520

AntiCor 1520 is an Organic Zinc-Rich Solvent Based Epoxy primer. It is the primer of choice for highly corrosive environments. It was formulated to withstand many environments when topcoated with Wolverine Coatings Corporation’s high quality topcoats. Its 85% zinc content guarantees a high performance system whether you choose an epoxy or urethane topcoat, or an…
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ProtoCoat 1253

ProtoCoat 1253 is a high-quality coating that can be used with or without primer over steel, galvanized metal, aluminum and concrete. It bonds directly to steel or concrete. A single coat can out-perform several coats of alkyd coating. Two coats of this coating may be applied at one-hour intervals for a total of 15 mils…
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IntegraFlex 1281

IntegraFlex 1281 is a 100% solids, two-component epoxy mastic which exhibits excellent adhesion and coating properties on steel, aluminum or other metals as well as concrete. The coating’s uses include the coating of machines, tools and other surfaces to provide excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance while maintaining a good level of flexibility. IntegraFlex 1281 also…
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LiquaTile 1122

LiquaTile 1122 is a 100% solids, high build, epoxy Anti-Static resin formulated to impart electrostatic control properties. LiquaTile 1122 is supplied with a fast setting chemical resistant cycloaliphatic curing agent which inhibits surface yellowing. This product produces a gloss finish with a slight stipple texture. LiquaTile 1122 can be installed in many environments where the…
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AntiCor 3520

AntiCor 3520 is a resin stabilized dispersion of Strontium Chromate in water. This anti-corrosive has a very fine grind yielding extremely small particles. AntiCor 3520 can be incorporated into waterbased coatings with minimal energy mixing (stir in). The liquid form minimizes concerns associated with the handling of Strontium Chromate powder. Because of the unusual characteristics of…
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Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings   Specialty Coatings      

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Polymer Flooring Products for DIY or Residential Use

Every day we take dozens of calls from Home Owners, General Contractors, and Do-It-Yourself customers looking for garage flooring solutions to improve the value of their homes and properties with our Polymer Coatings Systems. We don’t sell to this market but we are happy to refer you to who sells to the DIY and…
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