Our Company

We are passionate about people knowing people.  If you know who someone is, then you likely have a good idea of how they operate and will have confidence that their solutions will solve your problems (or not).  Please take a moment and learn about us.  It’s who we are and our passion that makes us different.

About Us

Wolverine Coatings Corporation is a formulator and manufacturer of technologically advanced Tank Linings, Pipe Linings, Secondary Containment Linings, Polymer Flooring, Adhesives, Specialty Coatings, Resins for Composites, and Dispersions.  But, we are so much more than that.   We offer our customers “big company” capabilities with “small company” old- fashioned service.   Whatever your need: an off the shelf product or a custom design formulation, we offer solutions!

Essentially, we are a solutions company, bringing unique resin technologies and innovative techniques to resolve worries in industrial environments such as heavy manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and a whole host of other environments.

Our brands are second to none in performance compared to the typical products on the market.  But our offering goes so much further than producing the top shelf materials we sell.  We also:

Private Label Services.  This is somewhat similar to toll manufacturing, where some portion of the manufacturing process is contracted, but private labeling is more of a turn-key solution.  We formulate a product, provide the materials, equipment, and know-how to produce materials from raw to labelled packages.  A high quality product ships from our dock with your label on it.

Provide Custom Formulation.  This is the part that makes us smile.  It’s the magic.  It’s like building a machine to perform a specific task, but on a molecular level.  Mechanical solutions are cool, but chemical solutions are more mystical;  more illusive, unless you understand the ‘mechanics’ of polymer chemistry.  We have the people with the minds to create solutions to your problems.

Provide Lab Services.  Because of who we are and what we do, we have state-of-the-art lab equipment and the people who know how to use it.  We provide independent testing services and failure analysis on a limited basis.

Toll Manufacturing.  If you don’t know what toll manufacturing is, it’s quite common in the resinous materials and chemical industry.  Companies with limited or no production capabilities will contract some of their production to a company that does.  The company will provide their formulation and may even ship raw materials to us for processing.  Our quality control and expertise is known in the market. Wolverine Coatings Corporation is a strong toll manufacturer for you. We’ll make it any way you want and package it any way you want. We have the necessary equipment and personnel to manufacture your products fast!

Just a Sample of Our Capabilities Include

  • Oil/Solvent Based Pigment Dispersions
  • Water Based Pigment Dispersions
  • Compounds that need nitrogen blanketing
  • Inks
  • Dyes
  • Coatings
  • Adhesives

Packaging Options

Wolverine Coatings Corporation can package 4oz. all the way to Totes or more. Depending on your storage and delivery needs, and the size of your project, we are ready and capable of accommodating.

Our Mission

Our mission at Wolverine Coatings Corporation is to produce technologically advanced coating solutions of a superior quality that will offer a competitive advantage to our customers.

We care for individuals by providing a positive work environment for our employees, serving our customers, valuing our suppliers, creating lasting friendships, and conserving the environment.

Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God by bringing men and women, if they choose, into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to encourage spiritual growth in those who have already chosen to follow Christ.

Look, we know this isn’t a popular platform these days. But, we sell to lots of people who don’t believe the things that we do. And, not everyone that works here does either. We can’t force anyone. In fact, our belief is that a person must choose to follow Christ. So, don’t expect us to try to ram our philosophy down your throat. But, don’t be surprised if someone prays before a meal or asks you how they can pray for you. In fact, if you want prayer… please ask! And, if you want to know more about why we believe what we do, our President (Eric Swanson) would be happy to speak to you.

Our Team

ERIC C. SWANSON (President)
Founder and President of Wolverine Coatings Corporation since 2001, after proving himself as a multi-talented force in the protective coatings industry. His strengths include research and development, quality control and manufacturing. He has experience in the heavy industrial coatings and linings, automotive, decorative, and powder coatings markets. His prior associations are with Bridgeport Chemical (General Manager and Head of Research & Development), Trimite Powders (Senior Chemist & Quality Manager), BASF (Product Development), and CheMarCo (Technical Consultant). In addition, Mr. Swanson has done extensive technical consulting to many manufacturers of paints, inks, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers. He is a member of NACE International (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and has been published in their technical journal, Materials Performance. He is also a member of NSF International and the Society for Protective Coatings. Mr. Swanson is a California native who moved to the Eastern seaboard while a teen. As Wolverine’s President, he inspires confidence and growth while embracing change and innovation.

ANDY WILLIS (Vice President, Operations)
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of South Carolina. His hands-on approach to the manufacturing process is enhanced by his levelheaded resolve. He keeps a concentrated focus on each customer’s unique needs, while maintaining a practical perspective on operations.

A graduate of Auburn University, he brings a strong level of intelligence and problem solving skills to the Wolverine Coatings Corporation laboratory team. In addition to his chemistry skills, David also holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology. This provides Wolverine Coatings Corporation with strong knowledge regarding the safety and suitability of our coatings in various animal containment environments.

JILL BRISKEN (Accounting)
Combining her accounting experience from Milliken & Co. and Christian Supply Bookstore with her Gardner-Webb University graduate knowledge to ensure that all accounts are continually current and balanced. Her attention to detail guarantees that Wolverine Coatings Corporation’s standards remain high, both in the prompt disbursement for payables, and timely invoicing for receivables.

Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University, her 14 year chemical plant background from BASF Corporation launched a passion for product quality, operations efficiency, and continuous improvement. She thrives on taking Wolverine leadership team’s ideas and imaginings, and bringing them to reality.

LARRY MCCULLOUGH (Ministry, Safety)
Bringing 18 years of problem solving experience, from his tenure at a major grocery store chain, solving IT and POS issues. God brought him to Wolverine Coatings when he became legally blind while battling Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease. Larry started in the Production Department and then progressed into the Lab before landing in a role where he leads both Safety and Ministry. As the Safety Advocate at Wolverine Coatings Larry makes sure that no one compromises our safety. As the Director of Ministry Larry helps to coordinate the various ministries of Wolverine Coatings. In addition, Larry is the Executive Director of the SonShine Club, a 501c3 ministry founded by Wolverine Coatings to minister to Special Needs adults.

It’s about People!

While the average company is laser focused on profit, our primary focus is on people. Our company exists because people have problems that can be solved with our products and the real-world application techniques developed by our people. During this symbiotic relationship we tend to form warm and personal friendships with the people we come into contact with. It’s not about one company working with another company. It’s about some people working with other people to solve problems for… you guessed it… people.

It’s about Capabilities!

Many companies in our industry promote themselves as formulators and manufacturers while they are simply marketing companies. They don’t employ chemists, have a laboratory, or even have any production facility. Wolverine Coatings is a formulator and manufacturer with a real laboratory and production facilities. We have Chemists and Engineers on our staff. Furthermore, our laboratory is filled with state of the art equipment.

It’s about Innovation!
We routinely develop new products to solve specific problems for our customers. We are problem solvers! Our Chemists are smart and efficient. Our development laboratory is packed with the right equipment to assist them in solving your problems. The new innovations that are created will not only solve your immediate problem but will be utilized in future ‘stock’ products.

It’s about Responsibility!

There are lots of areas of responsibility that companies talk about. Almost every company in our industry will say they are environmentally friendly. And, we are too. But, there are so many other ways to be responsible. We don’t see a lot of gray area in business. Our ‘Yes’ is our ‘Yes’ and our ‘No’ is our ‘No’. We keep our commitments. We return phone calls. If we say it, we’ll write it. In short, you won’t worry about trust. If you’re a contractor, it’s not always easy to become a customer of Wolverine Coatings. When you install our products you are installing our name. We are going to do our best to ensure that you are the type of installer that we would feel good about recommending to our friends.

It’s about Strength!

It’s not going to take you a very long time to see that we are a technology driven company. Sometimes we use this phrase as a nice way to say that we are weak in the marketing department. We don’t have the coolest website or marketing literature as some other companies may have. (We’re working on that.) What we do have is technologically sound products that perform.

It’s about Excellence!

Our people are constantly being challenged to reach higher. While other companies are striving to do a ‘good’ job we are shooting for ‘outstanding’.  We believe that ‘good enough’ is rarely really good enough.  Typically, ‘good enough’ is the justification for something that you know is subpar. We want to be a great company and we know that the only time greatness comes is when people discipline themselves to set standards that are so high that others can not possibly have higher expectations.

Our Ministries

Our company is definitely different, and one of those ways is by supporting ministries within our community and surrounding areas. Wolverine Coatings Corporation is committed to assisting others in personal growth as well as spiritual growth within our ministries. Here’s just some of the ways we have worked with the Lord throughout:

SonShine Club – www.SonShineClub.org
The SonShine Club Inc. was founded by our President, Eric Swanson, through the Wolverine Coatings Corporation Foundation. This ministry is a nonprofit 501c-3 ministry. Our sole purpose is to share the love of Jesus Christ with special needs adults and their caregivers. We facilitate a Saturday “day-camp” program where special needs adults can come and socialize with their peer group. Our Super Saturday consists of music, games, arts and crafts, Bible study and lunch. We welcome residential homes as well as adults who live with their families.

United For Christ (The Bottom Line) – www.UnitedForChrist.net
Our PURPOSE is to bring Pastors, Business/Workplace People, Para Church Leaders, Educators, Senior Citizens, Government Workers, Youth Leaders, and others together in unity – and impact our community and state for Christ. Our purpose is to “Unite Spartanburg Community For Christ” first and then expand this model to other cities and communities in the state and nation. We are called to Lead Like Jesus and expand the influence of Christ so that people actively utilize Biblical Values under the Lordship of Christ in all of their life.

Gang of 100 – Coming Soon!

Our Company - Wolverine Coatings Corporation: Coatings Manufacturer, Spartanburg, SC